Drawing Into Print
with joanna allen

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£60 per person (two sessions)

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Course limited to 10 people only

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This is a two-part workshop, with different activities over two separate sessions. The first session will be spent working with inks and pens to create expressive drawings of plants and foliage. Then we translate our ink drawings onto a special foiled silver card to create a ‘plate’ from which to print, using sharp etching tools, sandpaper. This technique replicates the qualities of our drawings beautifully.
The following second session will be spent experimenting with monoprint and drypoint techniques, using an intaglio press and coloured inks to replicate the quality of our ink drawings.

There will be an emphasis on being spontaneous and expressive with the drawing and mark making, so we will be working in a looser style. Don’t worry about making mistakes; we can alter the image as we work.

Inking up the drawing is another chance to manipulate and play around with the drawing… you can draw into the inks and change colours. More than one print can be taken from your ‘plates,’ giving you an opportunity to play with different techniques and colourways, also how to incorporate chine colle techniques if desired (Including elements of collage into finished print)  It is also fun to work into the finished prints with watercolour and pastel… so each ‘print’ is totally unique !
All materials are included, including inks, silver card, scrim, printing inks, and printmaking paper for your first print. However, any extra prints may incur a very small additional cost for the Fabriano paper (at cost, no more than £1 - £1.50, depending on size and number of additional prints)

Please bring or buy your own lunch/ refreshments, old shirt or apron, plus at least 2 old ramekins for inks.

Printmaking is very messy!



Joanna Allen:
"My degree is in Textile Design, so it is not surprising that incorporating decorative elements is fundamental to my artwork.
 All sorts of things can inspire me to create! My artwork fulfils a desire to make a visual inventory of all the treasured things in my life. There is a quiet transient beauty to be celebrated everywhere. Whether it is small young fruit on a pear tree, an overblown rose, the early morning chirpings of garden birds; the fragility of antique china or precious vintage textiles, even memories of all the contemplative tranquil places I have visited… I need to record these encounters, and the poignancy of life’s small joys and humble pleasures.
I have an experimental approach to creating my artwork, I often combine drawing, paint, pastels and collage in one piece; this layering of different media and techniques exemplifies how I think and work. Printmaking in particular allows me to create variations on a theme: developing ideas through experimentation with different media. I love to break rules: prints are frequently drawn into or re-coloured. It’s all a bit of an adventure really."

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